Saturday, September 24, 2011


Mofongo is a signature dish of Puerto Rico. It is a garlic-flavored plantain dish. It can be made many different ways and paired with seafood or pork.  It is a spicy taste of the islands. Mofongo is a delicious garlicy treat and easy to prepare.

(Serves 2)
3 green plantains
3 minced cloves of garlic or 3 tablespoons crushed garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/4 lb. chicharrón or 
tocino (Cooked)

Salt and pepper to taste
Vegetable oil for frying


Peel the plantains, slice into 1 inch slices and fry over medium low heat until tender in the middle. 
  • Using a pilón (mortar) mash the garlic and the chicharron together stir in olive oil and salt, and set aside. 
  • Mash the plantain slices in the pilon adding a little bit of the garlic mixture. You will have to work a few slices at a time. When all done mix all the batches together for even distribution of seasoning. 
  • This should be served hot. 
Serve with fried pork chunks. 
Use this same recipe to make "Bolitas de Mofongo" to add to stews. Shape the mixture into balls and drop in any soup.

I like to use the "juice" from beef stew (carne guisada) over the finished mofongo to add flavor and to make it a little less "dry".

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